“Roots and Journeys” is a musical salute to America’s people, history, and values. The CD features original and traditional songs with a humorous twist. Guitar Bob educates and entertains the whole family. Great for sing-alongs, school activities, and community gatherings. Hit songs include “All American Kid”, “Daddy’s Train”, “Talkin’ Johnny Appleseed”, and “That’s My Daughter, Clementine”. Bring the best in children’s music to your home, school. or library.


Kids on the Move: Guitar Bob’s Activity Songs features 16 songs that inspire kids to jump, shake, sing, and dance. Includes Guitar Bob’s biggest hits like “Rocking in the Rabbit Hole”, “We’re in a Spaceship”, “The Elephants Like to Jump”, “Milkshake and Cherry Freeze”, and “Sam the Clam’s Blues”.


Skip Around the Sun: Kids Tour the Planet with Guitar Bob includes 15 original songs that take kids on a musical journey filled with imaginative adventures. Songs include “My Little Kangaroos”, “Skip Around the Sun”, “Stray Dog Blues”, “Amazon Shuffle”, and “Surf’s Up, Seal Pup”.


CD Bundle Package: Buy all three CD’s for the price of two!! Forty four songs that will educate and entertain the family.



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